Monday, January 12, 2009

The Last Adventure of the Dinner Chef

Today we started staying open until 7pm. It was what we had originally intended to do. Back in November when we first opened, we stayed open until 7 a total of 1 night. The fatigue was there. I was tired. The staff was tired. Sherry was tired. Harold had just passed away and we were trying to open the Shoppe. It wore on us more than I knew at the time. At that time staying open till 7 wasn't going to work.
But we knew we had to stay open later.
Today we stayed open until 7. I came in at 8am and left at 7:30pm. All the time on my feet. Cooking, organizing, selling, chatting with customers. Working the whole time.
But today I wasn't tired when I went home. Staying open till 7 didn't phase me as much. I know when I was in the corporate world people worked all kinds of crazy hours, so did I. The difference here is being on your feet, talking with folks, it can drain you and rejuvenate you.
But let's cut to the chase. I have always cooked all the dinners at our house. Sherry does laundry and I take care of the kitchen. Completely. Meals. Shopping. Cleaning. I take care of it all. Tonight I came home to the smell of lemon chicken soup. Sherry did it all. The soup was great. I think I've been replaced. I expect Sherry to make a comment here. As always, I will be back...


Lisa said...

oh how you touch my soul and move me to want to delve back into the magic and mystery of cooking edible spirituality. You are a wonder. Amazing and full of the love of living. Thank you for sharing your gifts not only in the shop, but here in this space where those of us far away can enter the carnival.

Tamale Wife said...

my love....the soup turned out delicious...not so much the spaghetti the next night. We are a team. I'm learning new things. Back to cooking for me. Look out chicken breasts! You know, I am ok with having tamales a couple nights a week. Hear the Little Italy tamale is amazing. I will bring you home some chili rellano's from mo. love you, love you, love you