Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everyday, Do Something

The picture is all the clothes we have 'under' grown. There are more to donate, but this is how many we have sorted through so far. They are to big for us. I left Intuit one year ago and I have lost over 30 pounds. How? Hard work, sure, lots of hard work at the Tamale Shoppe. But more importantly, better decisions. Sherry has also been losing weight. We eat better. We exercise 3 - 4 times a week. Did we do this all in a day? No. Were there days we didn't exercise, sure. What we did was 'something'. Everyday we do something to achieve our goals. Some days more than others, but everyday we do something. It works. We used to wait until we had the perfect answer, now we know that we simply have to do something everyday.

Don't get hung up or caught in the enormity of the situation, whatever it is, new job search, relationship, fitness, etc. Just do something everyday and it keeps keeping easier and the results are better. Short post on a big subject. I'll talk more about it in later posts. Just do something, it's so much better then getting frustrated or overwhelmed.

The next two weeks are going to be very busy. We just heard the Weekly is doing a review on us this week, good or not so good, we're not sure, but it will bring more folks in. On Sunday, Laura Fitzgerald will be signing books at the Shoppe, her new one, 'One True Theory of Love'. The Sam Hughes Home tour will be coming through the Shoppe on Sunday also. And after those events I head over to Maynard's Market to do a Tamale Tasting. Then next week another article in Caliente about Gluten free foods will talk about us. And the Spring Street Fair is the 20 - 22nd. We'll be there in our same location.

It's been great and it will continue to be so. Thanks for all your support. Todd

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Marion said...

This is soooooo true. Do something everyday towards your goals and and you will always be making progress. Thanks for the reminder