Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last note of the year

Well, it's been quite a year. Tomorrow I will reflect on the year past and look at the year ahead. I have a prime rib on the grill, a nice bottle of wine opened and Sherry and I are waiting for a few friends. Tonight we will learn how to play 'Apples to Apples'. Colette plays it and she says it is soooo much fun.

Also want to give our new Tamales some props. The grilled pineapple is outstanding. Fresh pineapple, grilled and seasoned is then wrapped in a mango coconut masa. Sweet tamales at their best. come in and try one.

On Friday we will have our smoked BBQ Pork tamale. It's the new year. See you in 09. Thanks for a great year. Todd


Steve said...

The pineapple tamale sounds yummy. The Philippines is one of the leading pineapple producers in the world, but they don't eat it regularly here. I'm visiting Tucson in mid-March and hope this tamale is still on the menu then.

Todd Martin said...

Steve, you let me know when you will be here and I'll make sure the Pineapple Tamale is on the menu. sounds like all is well for you in your new marriage. Todd

Snow White said...

Wow, that tamale sounds fantastic! i have sent your link to my step dad, born and raised in Tucson and a total tamale fan, hoping he will order some so we can have a party when I get to California.
Happy New Tamalaing-Year

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a combination of simplicity and innovation. I have no idea where Tucson is, but if I'm ever there, I will have to stop in! Hey, you mail-order too, don't you. I'll have to check on eBay and see if you sell any there!

Thanks so much for an interesting, beautiful addition to the Wild World Wide.