Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Press Let the Story Leak, Part 3

Today we got another article in the Daily Star about the business.
It was published online yesterday morning and did the comments fly!
Why did I guy like me start a Tamale business? First, I love food. I love just about every kind of food imaginable. I have always sought out new, different, interesting, tasteful, exciting, comforting, you name it, I’ll try it. I do have a few favorites. I really love Sushi. And Italian. And Mexican. And Spanish. And a really good Cheeseburger. Okay, I have quite a few favorites. And I really really love Tamales. Lerua’s makes a great green corn tamal. I will still go there to get some.
I have made tamales at home for years. I loved making tamales I couldn’t find at a restaurant. My green chili pork is wonderful. I’ve been making the green chili pork since my early restaurant days in Denver. I experimented with others. I have some great recipes. I love to cook. I’m great at coxing incredible flavor out of a few ingredients. Simplify, Sustain and Celebrate, became my mission.
When I sat down earlier this year to reassess what I was doing for a living (a minor mid life crisis), I couldn’t get away from the fact that my passion in life is food. And that I wanted to make my tamales available to anyone who wanted to try them. So I put my heart, soul and pocketbook into this venture called the Tucson Tamale Company.
Every Tamal we make we make it with pride, love and joy. We hand roll each one. We fill them with three times the meat or filling you’ll find in other Tamales. We buy great cuts of meat (top round, pork lion). We use porcini and morels and shitake and oyster mushrooms in our vegan tamales. We use a heart healthy blend instead of lard in our masa. We focus on making each and every Tamal an experience. An experience that will change the way you think of tamales. We include one (or two if you want) of our delicious salsa’s with each order of Tamales.
This is a journey of love, passion, dreams, business acumen and mostly of food joy. Simplify, Sustain and Celebrate. Todd

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Inquiring Camera Girl said...

It was nice meeting you both today. And thanks for the tamales - they're scrumptious!