Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is a long story that I will try and shorten. Sherry and I were talking and the notion of selling it all, buying a sailboat and cruising the world came up. It's a dream I've had for many years. When I left Denver in 1988 it was to find a boat and sail the world. Then life happens, and quite frankly, it's happened in a very good way. So Sherry and I talked about it. We could get a nice cruiser, outfit it and start sailing. We could earn money by having underground dining at the ports we stopped at. Sherry could sell her knit scarfs and blankets on the internet. I could start writing again. Image meeting new people, wonderful people, eating, drinking, sharing. A throwback life. Shades of Hemingway. Kerouac. The internet could make it all possible (I won't go into any detail here, but it really changes things, the possibilities).

Days on the boat would be spent knitting, fishing, doing repairs, navigating, writing, chatting, cooking, taking pictures, watching whales dance and dolphins sing. Seeing others from afar and remembering those close to you. Idyllic in that Sherry and I would do this together. Side by side.

And our hearts are here. Our hearts are with Colette, she's getting married in Nov. She and Cole will be having children (our grand children!!!) Celia is without Harold and we love seeing her. My mom, Shirley is in Denver and I want to see her twice a year. Sisters, Brothers, nieces and nephews. They all bring joy in so many ways. And friends, what would we do without all of them?

Yes, the thought of cashing in the chips and living off the 'fat of the ocean' is certainly romantic, but the reality of our lives is so much more satisfying because of the love around us everyday.

One day we may take that long sailing trip, but for now we'll enjoy the beauty right here, right now. Every moment counts, we'll use them all wisely.


desert red wolf said...

Very good points and very well written. (sniff)
Very apropos for my very moment in my life as well, having just been given 30 days notice to find a new job after having been at the same company for 10 years (notified on my tenth anniversary in fact). So now I will sit and contemplate, with my own wonderful husband, 2 cute little puppies, 1 bigger dog, and kitty (who has a picture or two growing old in the attic) and remember what is important. ;-)
thanks Todd....

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