Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Can I see your license and insurance card please?"

Yes, yes, you guessed it. This morning about 11 am I had to go to the apartments to get some yard tools. On the way back I was heading east on 6th when a U of A police pulled in behind me and flashed the bright reds. I pulled over and he walked up to the truck, "Can I see your license and insurance card please?" I quickly produced them and passed them out the window. "You were going 45 and the speed limit here is 30, in a hurry to get somewhere?" "No, I was just heading back to the Shoppe." "Do you have a good reason you were in such a hurry?" "No", I said, "I just had my head up my ass". He chuckled and walked back to his car. After inputting all my data into the bad guy catching computer, where I obviously don't have any red flags, he came back to the truck and handed me my license back, "Slow down Mr. Martin, OK?" "You know I will" No ticket. That's always a big relief. So the moral of the story is this, 'If you have your head up your ass, admit it, and people are nicer to you'.

Then after I got back to the Shoppe, guess who up? Mr. Pete Purves. We got some sandwiches and had a nice chat. He's doing well.

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