Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guest Post by April

Hello, there. This is April (aka Employee #3). Todd asked me if I would write a blog entry. My first reaction was "No!" Then I thought a bit. I'm a Gemini, I'm wordy. Gift of gab and all. Why the heck not.
I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed these last few weeks working with Todd and the Tamale shop. First, Todd is fun to be around and just as fun to work for. He is by far my favorite boss. So, when he called and asked if I would help out while I was off, I said sure. Now while he is fun, great to work for etc. there are times I'd just as soon throttle him on the head. Good naturally, of course. Anyone who knows him probably feels the same way.
When I first visited the shop, I was surprised at how dirty it was, especially considering there was an open, active restaurant days/weeks before. ICK. Everything was out of the frig, thank goodness. But they had left dirty dishes in stagnant water in the sink.
My second day Todd says "Hey, do you want to do those dishes in the sink.?" He laughed when he said it. Smug ol' Fart. "No, I do not WANT to do those dishes." Honest answer. He rephrased "WILL you do the dishes?" "Sure." Remember, Everyone, it's all in how you ask.
I've called and talked to I don't know how many places for information, estimates etc. So much so that both my cordless phones died on me on one day. Not an experience I wish to repeat. Not even I voluntarily gab that much. And I've acquired a wealth of information about stuff that I'll probably never use again, replacing some useful piece that I'm sure to need. For example, the company logo is a 7,000 stitch count and you should use Pique shirts instead of jersey as the embroidery comes out cleaner. I can't begin to image what that's replaced in my head. Yet it's been worth it and a complete blast.
Thanks, Tucson Tamale Company, for letting me be a part of the start up. I'll miss it. And I can't wait for those damn tamales.

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Marion said...

Keep blogging April!! You have a great 'voice'.