Sunday, October 26, 2008


Yes, it's been a few days, 4 to be exact. Too many days have past between posts. I need to get my twitter set up so I can do quick remote posts. Anyway, Things have been very busy. I'm going to make this post short and a tease. I have a lot to go over, a lot to say, a lot you need to hear about. But right now I can't reveal any of it. Give me a couple of weeks and the whole story will start to come out. It's fun, but today a bit sensitive. Tomorrow it will be a knee slapping story. You'll be there when all is written.

We're not open yet, waiting on a few more things to be in place. But very soon.

We now have 3 official employees. As you saw earlier, Tiffany is Employee #4. Tom is on board (he rightfully chastised me for not speaking more about our team) as #5 and Matte is #6.

I'm excited about all 3. They bring so much to the team. Tiffany will be my right hand in the kitchen. Tom is a wizard with the details and will keep us from veering off course. Matte brings a great palate and spiritual balance to the team. I will share more about all of them later this week. Needless to say, I'm surround by great people. These 3. My family (Colette and Cole came down and painted on Friday) and my Friends. I get so much support from so many people. Thank you all.

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