Thursday, October 30, 2008


This is one of the hardest times any new business owner faces. We're 95% ready to open. Employees have been hired. They're guaranteed hours so the paychecks must go out. Customers are coming up to the door. They are calling me. Everything you could hope for except a functioning shoppe. One more gas line to connect. One more inspection (if all goes well) if it doesn't maybe two or three more. And it's going to be another week. Not much work for anyone to do until we get the gas turned back on.
Tiffany is helping my friend, Jennifer, with things at the Flavorbank. Tom is spending time with an out of town guest. Matte is working on her business plan for her walking Yoga business. I'm able to spend time with my sister, Lisa. So it's all good, but impatience persists.
You have to keep your spirits up. This is your dream. It can't, won't be stopped. there's too much here.
If you're in the throws of opening your business, these are the trying times. you can't give up. You have to know the big picture.
You have to be the one that believes. You have to give hope to others. You have to stay positive. You have to carry the weight. That's why you're in business. That's why you'll succeed. That's why others look up to you.
These are the days that you will look back on and smile.


Suzzana said...

It will all happen, and I'll be waiting with cake when it does! :)

International Girl said...

I can't wait much longer!!!!! =)

The Notorious D-O-G said...

As someone who CRAVES a good tamale about once a week, I'm so thankful that our "international girl" revealed this blog to me (and, in enough time to be in on the ground floor)!!! My belly is churning in anticipation already...