Monday, October 20, 2008

The Press Let the Story Leak...

Well, today we got our first write up in the Arizona Daily Star ( First, a couple of corrections, Sherry's name is spelled wrong and she was surprised to learn that she has 'plans' to leave Intuit once the business gets going. We have talked about, talking about, her joining the business way down the road (in a couple 2-4 years) but for the current future she loves her job at Intuit.
We got our phone number on Friday but no phone yet, so I'll post the number after we get a phone:) Busy, busy week in front of us. I'll get some pictures up later this week, keep an eye out. Todd


Pacific Northwest Gal said...

I am so very happy for you both! How exciting. Let me know when you need some ingredients from my corner of the world ... crab (that would be incredible), salmon, etc.

Love you guys!

Steve said...

Hey Todd, congratulations to you and your wife! This is Steve E. from Intuit-Mt View, who used to work with you on the Quicken team. It's great to see that you're following your dream!

Mike Kalil said...

At the Vegas newspaper, some of my colleagues made fun of me for going over-the-top in confirming name spellings of sources. If the person I was talking to didn't have a business card, I'd always have them spell out their name (even if it was something common like "Mike"), write it down in my notebook and then show it to them to have them confirm.

In my seven years as a reporter, I only had six corrections, and none was for misspelling a name.

From as many name misspellings as I've seen in the Daily Star, it's apparent that reporters there don't suffer the same kind of hazing we suffered for making silly mistakes.

Regardless, it's still a great bit of early publicity. Keep up the great work!

Peter said...


I guess that now there has been a 'leak' we will need to assign a special prosecutor and start the 'Tamalegate' hearings in the senate. :-)

What do you think.


P.S. Hurry up, I'm hungry!