Friday, November 28, 2008

Kirby, Part 2

I wanted to say more about Kirby. The other day when I posted I was tired (having woke up at 3:30am) and in a hurry to get to the Shoppe. Kirby is with us full time as a leader for the Tucson Tamale Company. He's a partner in the business. He and I have worked together for years and have a great rapport. Yin and Yang. We bring different and complementary strengths to the table.
The first time we really worked together was about 7 years ago. He was with the Quicken group and was asked to lead one of the new support teams. I had been the implementation manager and done all of the hiring for the new team. When Kirby took over, I told him we interviewed all the applicants and hired the best 21 for the team. He was pleased. After the second day of training class, he found me and asked, "you did say you hired the best 21 for the job, right?" "That I did, the top 21 applicants got hired." "Todd, most of them are great but there's a few..." He paused and then asked me, "Todd, how many applied for the job?" "21", I replied. We've gotten along great ever since.
Kirby is critical to the business. We are working through the details of who does what, etc. Kirby is great at building processes. As a new business you don't really have any defined processes and that's the way it is. You have to see what is actually going to happen before you build processes that may or may not work. So business happens and you handle it. You have to, it's your livelihood. But some businesses never establish processes and they get bogged down and tired. Kirby will bring freshness to the team and help us all get a handle on what we are doing from a process perspective.
He's also great to chat with. He has more sports analogies then an ex-coach motivational speaker. He's a current coach motivational speaker. So, if sports bore, beware. His nickame is 'Coach'. Welcome Kirby.

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