Friday, November 28, 2008

Our First Customer(s)

Here's a picture of our first customers. I know, I should have posted it last weekend, but the blog wasn't uploading correctly. I've had this problem before with the MAC and Blogger, but everyone tells me it's user eror. Oh well. So, here's the pic:

That's Carol on the Left. She was the first customer. Next to her, in front, is Pete. He was supposed to be the first customer. He called in his order and was going to arrive at 11am to pick it up. He did arrive on time. But Carol had shown up at 10:50 and we just couldn't turn down a few more bucks. So we let them share being the first customer.
Also in the pic (from left to right) Carol, Todd, Pete, RJ, Mattie, Tom, Kirby and Sherry. Tiffany couldn't be with us on this day, but picture her standing next to Sherry:)
Tonight my feet are tired and my heart is warm. We've got a long month in front of us.

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